Competition Rules

2018 Shanghai International Marathon Participation Information


Chinese Athletic Association, Shanghai Sports Federation, Huangpu District Government, Jing’an District Government, Xuhui District Government, Donghao Lansheng (Group) Co., Ltd


Shanghai Donghao Lansheng Event Management Co., Ltd


Shanghai Athletic Association, Shanghai Distance Running Association, Huangpu District Sports Federation, Jing’an District Sports Federation, Xuhui District Sports Federation, Dragon TV and Great Sport

IV.Race Date

Sunday, November 18, 2018 (7:00am)


Marathon (42.195K), 10km Run, Mini-marathon


Starting line: The Bund Bull
Finishing line of Full Marathon: Shanghai Stadium
Finishing line of 10km Run: Fuxing Park
Finishing line of Mini-marathon: Shanghai Exhibition Center
The race route passes through the Bund, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Jing’an Temple area, Huaihai Road, Xintiandi, Xuhui Riverside and Shanghai Stadium.
The detailed route will be published on the race route map before the race.


A.Priority/ Elite Runner Registration
Registration starts at 10:00, August 24 and closes at 17:00, August 28. Those who do not register in time will forfeit their registration opportunity. Those who are qualified as priority/elite runners will automatically gain access after registration and payment without having to go through the draw.
B.Regular Registration
1)Pre-registration time: starts at 10:00, August 24, closes at 17:00, August 28.
2)Time of Draw Results Announcement: afternoon of September 6.
3)Time of Payment: starts on the afternoon of September 6 (after the draw results announcement) and closes at 17:00, September 9. Non-payment will result in disqualification from the race, and there will be no way to regain the qualification.
C.Shangma Charity·2018 SIM Charity Participants
Starting from 10:00, September 2 to 17:00, September 20, the registration will remain open on a first-come, first served basis and be closed when all 500 spots are filled. The charity entry is only available for Full Marathon runners.
D.Second Draw
The second draw results will be announced at 10:00, September 11.
Time of payment: starts at 10:00, September 11 and, closes at 18:00, September 12. Non-payment will result in disqualification from the race.
E.See Notes on Registration of 2018 Shanghai International Marathon for details.


1.Full Marathon
To participate in the Full Marathon, you must be at least 20 years old before December 31, 2018, be in good physical condition and regularly run in distance in order to race.
2.10km Run and Mini-marathon
To participate in the 10km Run, you must be at least 16 years old before December 31, 2018. To participate in the Mini-marathon, you must be at least 10 years old before December 31, 2018 (the legal guardian of all participants under 18 years old must agree to and sign the participation statement), and be in good physical condition in order to race.
Participants with any of the following conditions should not participate in the race: congenital or rheumatic heart disease/hypertension or cerebrovascular disease/ myocarditis or other cardiac diseases/coronary artery disease or serious arrhythmia/ diabetes/ pregnancy/ any other high-risk conditions.
3.Number of participants: Full Marathon: 25,000; 10km Run: 6,000; Mini-marathon: 7,000
4.Runners should follow instructions in the Registration to complete the registration procedure.
5.Priority/Elite Runner Registration
Those runners who are qualified as priority/elite runners should register on or the Shangma APP within the required time. Those who do not register in time will forfeit their registration opportunity. The requirements are as follows:
Priority Registration
 Top 600 men participants and top 300 women participants in 2018 Shanghai International Half Marathon
Elite Runner Registration
Those runners whose results of full marathon in 2017 Shanghai International Marathon meet the required standards in their corresponding age group according to the Implementation Measures of Rating Common Runners’ in CAA Marathons and Related Sports will be qualified as elite runners.
6.In order to promote a positive sporting environment for disadvantaged groups, promote nationwide fitness awareness, and improve the development of mass-participation sports, the Organizing Committee set up the 2018 Shangma Charity Platform as commissioned by the Shanghai Sports Development Foundation. Those who register through charity registration will gain a guaranteed charity entry spot. All the donations will go to the Shangma Foundation in order to advance the sporting spirit, raise funds for the disadvantaged groups and improve the development of sports welfare work.
Charity entry event: Full Marathon
Please refer to the instructions in the Registration for further information
7.Withdrawal application
1)All participants can apply for withdrawal for personal reasons. The application must be submitted between 10:00, October 15 and 17:00, October 21, 2018 in order to get a full registration fee refund within 7 workdays after the application is submitted. The application will be closed after October 21.
2)Once submitted successfully, the application cannot be revoked, and there are no other ways to re-register.
IX.Competition Method
1.Subject to the latest rules created by the Chinese Athletic Association and SIM, the race requires runners to take a doping test.
2.Runners’ bib numbers will be arranged and distributed by the Organizing Committee. All the participants should put the bib number (big) on the front of their body. For anyone who does not wear, or folds or blocks the bib number, the Organizing Committee is entitled to cancel their results; for anyone whose result is not recorded due improperly wearing the bib, their results will not be considered.
3.All the participants must present themselves for a roll call at the starting line and assemble at the designated area based on events and bib number at 6:00 a.m., November 18. The race starts at 7:00 a.m..
4.Ranking record: participants’ rankings will be recorded according to the timing chips.
5.The Organizing Committee will provide timing chips. Participants must wear their designated timing chips. If the results of any participant cannot be recorded as a result of failing to wear the timing chip correctly, the Organizing Committee will not be held responsible. The timing chips will start timing when participants cross the starting line, every 5 km, the turnback point and the finishing line. Throughout the race, participants must run past all the timing sensors. If a participant finishes the competition within the designated time but fails to register with every timing sensor, the participant will be excluded from the ranking. Every participant should return the timing chip after the race; otherwise, they will be forbidden from participating in the 2019 Shanghai International Marathon, Shanghai International Half Marathon, Shangma Series and Shangma Speed X series.
6.Clothing storage services will be available for participants on site. The participant must affix their bib number to the clothing storage bag provided by the Organizing Committee and leave it at the storage area at the starting point before 6:45 am. After the race, the participant may claim their clothing by showing their bib number to onsite staff before 14:30. If the participant fails to claim their clothing within the allocated time, they can claim within 5 workdays at the place designated by the Organizing Committee; otherwise, the bag will be disposed of. Please do not store anything of value in the bag (for example, mobile phones, watches, identification, cash, bank cards, keys, electronics, etc.). Please do not store flammable, explosive and prohibited items in the bag. The bag’s owner will take full responsibility for any damage, loss or accidents.
7.Water and supply stations
1)Drinking water/beverages stations will be available every 5 km. Starting from 7.5 km, drinking/water sponge stations will be available every 5 km.
2)There are 8 supply stations along the course.
3)Please throw any cups, bottles, peels, or packing bags into designated place or give them to the staff or volunteers.
8.Distance and track closing time
To ensure the safety of the participants, a closing time will be set for each route, and public traffic will resume after this time. Any participant who hasn’t finished the corresponding distance within the allotted time should immediately stop and safely leave the track in order to avoid posing a danger to themselves and others. If necessary, participants who quit the race can take the escort coach or public transportation to arrive at the finishing area.
Distance Time Limit
5km 8:00
10km 8:30
15km 9:10
20km 9:50
25km 10:30
30km 11:15
35km 12:10
40km 12:50
Mini-marathon finish line 8:00
10km finish line 8:45
Marathon finish line 13:15
9.For further information on the requirements and arrangements of the race, see Things to Know for Participants which will be handed out together with the bib number and timing chip.


A.Men’s and Women’s Full Marathon:
1)Bonus based on ranking (USD)
The Full Marathon result of the top eight participants will be counted according to Gun Time
Place No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5 No.6 No.7 No.8
Bonus 45,000 20,000 12,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000

Note: The champion of men’s Full Marathon must finish the race within 2:09:30 and women’s, 2:26:00. For champions who do not reach the standards, the bonus will be reduced by 50%. The bonus will be distributed 10 workdays after the results are submitted successfully to the official website, and the negative doping result is confirmed.
2)Special bonus for Chinese athletes (RMB)
The Full Marathon result of the top eight Chinese participants will be counted according to Net Time.
Place No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5 No.6 No.7 No.8
Bonus 45,000 20,000 12,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000

3)Bonus for record-breaker
Bonus for record-breaker of Shanghai International Marathon: $10,000 (only for the 1st place).
2.According to the Individual Income Tax Law of the PRC, 20% personal income tax will be levied on the bonus. For a Chinese athlete who wins the bonus above, they will be offered equivalent RMB.
3.If a Chinese athlete wins the bonus based on ranking and the special bonus at the same time, they will only be offered the higher one. The bonus does not stack and rankings are not progressive.
4.Any runner who finishes the marathon within 6:15:00 will be awarded a finisher’s medal. The result certificate will be available for download on the official website of the Shanghai International Marathon 10 days after being published. Please download the certificate within 90 days. Results will be available to check 24 hours after the race.
B.Participants of 10km Run and Mini-marathon will not be ranked, but each of them will receive a medal and a participation certificate.


The Organizing Committee will employ video monitoring at the starting line and finishing line as well as along the route. The Organizing Committee will nullify the results of participants in violation of the following terms:
1.Enrolling with a false age or identification documents.
2.Carrying two or more chips at the same time during the competition (including male runner wearing female runner’s chip).
3.Finishing the competition by relay.
4.Running in a non-designated area.
5.Violating race rules during the race.
6.Refusing to listen to instructions given by race staff, refusing to stop and leave the track beyond the allotting time or entering the track after quitting the race.
7.Failing to finish the competition along a specified route, taking a shortcut, or using a means of transport other than running.
8.Repeatedly crossing the finishing line without following the race requirements, or crossing the finish line without completing the race in order to collect finisher’s articles or medals.
9.Forging a bib number, using bib numbers from other events or crossing the finish line without wearing your bib number or with a chip not used for this competition.
10.Altering your bib number or blocking a part of your bib number without permission.
11.Transferring bib numbers or chips.
12.Disobeying the instructions given by race staff, disturbing the competition, gathering a crowd to incite trouble, or getting into physical altercations.
13.Violating any of the race rules and regulations.
In cases where someone becomes eligible to run as a result of providing false information or taking another registrant’s bib number, they will take sole responsibility for all consequences incurred.

XII.Insurance and Medical Aid

1)The Organizing Committee provides insurance for all participants against personal accidents and injuries that may occur during the competition. If the Organizing Committee cannot provide insurance for any participant or the insurance is invalidated due to incompleteness or inauthenticity of the registration, the participant will be held solely responsible.
2)Fixed medical aid stations will be available at the starting point and finishing line as well as along the route. Clearly marked signs will be displayed 50m in front of medical aid stations. Ambulance will follow runners along the route. The competition organizers will post staff members and volunteers at fixed medical aid stations and drinking stations to assist with medical aid and help maintain order. Participants may ask for help at any time if needed.
Special notes:
1.The insurance purchased by the Organizing Committee is to be classified as personal accident insurance. However, any adverse effects resulting from pre-existing conditions will not be covered by the personal accident insurance. For example, heatstroke, fainting and other incidents will not be covered by the personal accident insurance purchased by the Organizing Committee. Runners should consider their own personal condition before applying to enter the competition.
2.The Organizing Committee will provide emergency medical treatment on site free-of-charge during the competition. However, any expenses incurred for rescue and treatment at hospitals will be borne by the participant.
3.In case of any personal injury or death during the competition resulting from the use of stimulants or any other illicit drugs, the participant will be held solely responsible.
4.To ensure the safety of participants, referees and staff members authorized by the Organizing Committee will have the right to prevent any participant from continuing the competition if the participant involved is deemed unable to continue.

XIII.Technical Officers, Delegates, and Judges

The technical officers, delegates, and judges will be selected by Chinese Athletics Association and Shanghai Athletics Association.

XIV.Contact Information

Shanghai International Marathon Organizing Committee;
1.Hotline: 021-965365;

XV.Other matters are subject to further notice.

XVI.The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of these rules.

Organizing Committee of Shanghai International Marathon

August, 2018







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